Sites of Interest #1

The National Tactical Officers Association

REST, Corp is a proud corporate sponsor for The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA). A professional organization dedicated to providing information and superior training to law enforcement officers across the U. S. NTOA produces a magazine, for members, titled "The Tactical Edge" which contains a section on "Breaching Related" matters.

Gunsite Academy, Inc.

An outstanding training facility located 24 miles north of Prescott, AZ. This is the location where Rest, Corp. holds their training.

Gun Owners of America

"The only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington." -Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX). A leading organization devoted to protecting our Second Amendment Rights. Membership can be obtained from the GOA website.

Law Enforcement Alliance of America

The Law Enforcement Alliance of America is the nation's largest non-profit, non-partisan coalition of law enforcement professionals, crime victims, and concerned citizens united for justice. Together, we fight for legislation at every level of government that reduces violent crime while preserving the rights of all citizens, particularly the right of self-defense. LEAA strives to keep political debate focused on criminal behavior and criminal punishment, and to communicate the shared opinion of the majority of law enforcement that gun control is not effective crime control.

Homeland Security

The mission of Homeland Security shall be to develop and coordinate the implementation of a comprehensive national strategy to secure the United States from terrorist threats or attacks.

Royal Arms International

Through our ongoing research and development, Royal Arms designs and manufactures a diverse array of high quality products to meet the ever growing need for better law enforcement equipment and products world-wide.
Oct 21-2018
Latest Update!
The 10th annual International Breachers Symposium was a great success. The next symposium will be posted here when the dates & location have been decided.
Latest Update!
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  • Universal Propulsion Co.
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